Frequently Asked Questions

Can you learn our first dance song?
Yes, please let me know well in advance.



Can my friend/family member sing a song with you?
Yes, providing they are respectful towards the equipment and myself and I’ve had advance notification regarding their song choice.



Can you play music whilst you are not performing?

Yes, I can even play your choice of music. If you arrange a playlist on a device I can play it through my system between sets.



Can we use your microphone to make announcements?
Yes, providing you are respectful towards myself and the equipment.



Do you provide Disco?

Sadly not, but I do work with a couple of highly recommended companies that do.



Do you have lights?
Yes, however not disco lighting only ambient stage lights.



When do we pay?
£100 non-refundable deposit up front, with the balance payable on the day.



How much space do you need?
I can fit in a small corner or fill a stage, I’ll work with whatever the venue has to offer.



What Time will you arrive and how long will you need to sound check?
Generally around 90 minutes before I play. set up is less than 30 min depending on load in.



How much do you charge?
There are a few variables involved such as song requests, distance, number of times I play. Go to my Home Page and scroll down to ‘Guide to prices’.